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All bags are supplied in 15kg bags

- 1 pallet:66 bags of 15kg
- 1/2 pallet:33 bags of 15kg
- 1/4 pallet:17 bags of 15kg

WoodCoal briketts are suitable for use in Multi-Fuel Stoves, Open Fires, in traditional stoves and kitchen ranges and in solid fuel patio heaters.

- Longer burning alternative to wood
- Evironmentally friendly low sulphur content
- High heat output

WoodCoal briketts are a longer burning alternative to wood, with environmentally friendly low sulphur . It is easy to light, has a high heat output, bright and lively flames, low ash content, consistent in quality. It burns safely when combined with wood and other solid fuels. Woodcoal will take your fire right on through the night to the following morning.
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