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All logs are supplied in 22L Nets

- 1 pallet:80 Nets
- 1/2 pallet:40 Nets
- 1/4 pallet:20 Nets

Fuel Express Seasoned hardwood logs are ideal for open fires, multifuel stoves, wood burning stoves and any other wood burning appliances.

- Hardwood logs burn much longer
- Burn at a higher temperature
- Make a wonderful accompaniment to our other solid fuels
- Display a pleasant aroma

Our seasoned hardwood logs burn individually or with any other of our solid fuels, they burn slowly and efficiently and provide great warmth and a distinctive aroma that only a log fire can provide. They come from well managed forests and are cut to fit traditional or modern fireplaces. They are well packed for easy stacking and storage. Not for use in smoke controlled areas.
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