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These Kiln Dried Birch Hardwood logs are under 15% moisture content.

Our kiln dried logs have been through an intensive drying process to ensure they give the best heat output and ensure they meet the Woodsure ready to burn legislation. Our logs are clean and easy to stack.


These logs are silver Birch Hardwood cut to 25cm Lengths. 

Bulk bag size is 85cm x 85cm x 85cm. Approx. 0.9M3 equivalent loose volume of logs. Although the logs are extremely dry at under 15% moisture content the bag weighs approx 200Kg.


Delivery is kerbside or the bulk bag is dropped on your property if suitable access for the delivery vehicle.


OX Postcode deliveries are often made via crane trialer so the bulk bag can be dropped in the location of your choice (within access of the vehicle). Other postcode area will be deliverd via lorry with talift and pump truck. See image for vehicle dimesnions. 


Try these amazing logs for yourself today and tell us what you think! 

Kiln Dried Birch Hardwood Logs Bulk Bag

  • Birch is super easy to light and kicks off heat almost instantly.

    Birch burns really well with a nice fiery flame, great for log burners and pizza ovens. Smells amazing when burning.

    Bulk Bags are a great way to have your firewood deliverd as the logs are kept clean and togeather rather than being tipped on the floor like some firewood suppliers. Often the bag can be placed in a suitable location for you. 


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