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MyFuels Ignite 6 Pack Blaze Logs Heat log Briquettes. (Currently Supplied in Flamers Woodlogs Packaging) 

Weight Approx 9kg Per Pack.


Born from the hope for a brighter, cleaner tomorrow.

Produced in Ireland, our 100% Recycled Flamers wood logs are the perfect fuel for stoves and open fires.

Our curated production process ensures a convenient, quick, cosy and clean fire every time!

We are an EPA Registered and Approved Fuel Supplier, all our products are compliant with the Air Pollution Act 1987. (Solid Fuel Regulations 2022 (S.I. No. 529 of 2022)

Supplier Registration Number: F0059-01

Ignite Blaze Logs 6 Pack

  • Full Pallet - 120 Packs 

    Half Pallet - 60 Packs

    Quater Pallet - 30 Packs 

    10 Packs 

    1 Pack 

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