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the Best Quality Charocla money Can buy.


Large Lightweight pieces of wattle Wood charcoal. This Charcoal doent spit or spark, it is perfect for proffesional chefs in high volume kitchens. The charcoal has a long hurn time and produces very little ash. 


DEFRA Approved Charcoal. Suitable for use in smoke controlled areas. 


Sourced From sustainable sources in South Africa, this Charcoal burns hot and long for a guaranteed great cooking experience.


Large Lumps of Charcoal provide a super hot cooking experience.

Restaurant Grade Wattle Wood Charcoal 'Purple'

  • Supplied in clean easy to stack 12Kg Purple Paper Bags 

    Black wattle is an invasive tree so readily cut down, making it an eco friendly firewood. Thick pieces of wattle are great for hotter and longer fires, especially for a braai and the more thin pieces can be used to make a  larger flame.

    Black wattle is also excellent for pizza ovens and gives a great taste. 

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