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MyFuels Ignite Pack of 24 natural firelighter cubes.

These natural firelighters are made from pine wood sawdust that has been impregnated with flammable paraffin wax. They are non toxic and friendly to the environment. A natural way to successfully ignite any fire.

MyFuels Ignite premium quality Blaze Natural Firelighters are natural and ideal for all fires and barbecues.
Reliable ignition
Clean and convenient to use
Ecologically friendly

Please note that the firelighters come in one solid block which is divided into 24 sections ready to break off into 24 cubes.

Overall size of block approx: 19cm x 11cm x 2cm. Case inludes 24 packs of 24 Blocks. 

IGNITE Natural Firelighters 24 Packs

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