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Kiln Dried Birch Hardwood Logs Standard Large crate.


These Kiln dried logs are Birch which is a hardwood that is great to burn, it lights easily and produces a good heat. Our kiln dried logs are certified by wood sure and are under 20 % moisture meaning they don’t give off as many pollutant as seasoned firewood.


Great for wood burning stoves, open fire and pizza ovens!! These Chunky logs hold the heat for much longer due to their thick size. These Half crates are the equivalent to 2 and a half builders bags of loose Logs. Giving you a great saving! and can be neatly stored in your garage our outbuilding. These are Chunky logs and log great stored in the fireplace. Because of the thicker size they also bur for longer and give off a better heat output.


Deliveries are contracted to kerbside only. Delivery onto the property is at the discretion of the driver/haulier on the day.

All of our delivery options do NOT include delivery to the property this will be to the discretion of the driver/haulier.

Your order will be lowered by tail lift and then delivered by pump truck to outside your property. See Photo for vehicle dimensions. 


Kiln Dried Birch Medium Crate 1.17M3

  • Kiln Dried Birch Standard Large Crate: 

    85cm D X 120cm H x 115cm W 

    Stacked Log Volume: 1.17m3 

    Loose Log Volume: 1.87m3 

    All Logs are cut to appox 25cm Length and are suitbale size for most wood burning stoves. 

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