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These Premium Wood Pellets are only sourced from the best quality manufacturers across Europe.​
They have an average humidity of 4.9% compared to the 10% that is the industry standard, this means you will save on avergae approx 100 kg of pellets each year. This is down to the efficient manufacturing process and drying methods. Our pellets are stored in racking in our secure dry warehouse meaning they are less likely to be crushed and damaged. 


The Wood Pellets are supplied 15kg Bags each and are delivered on a pallet to hardstadning ground only. See Photo for Description. 

Premium Wood Pellets 15 KG

  • NCV: 18,1 MJ/kg
    Moisture: 5,4 %
    Ash: 0,5 %
    Diameter: 6 mm
    Length: 3,15 ≤ L ≤ 40 mm
    Fines (< 3,15 mm): 0,2 %
    Mechanical durability: 98,5 %
    Density: 665 kg/m3
    Raw material 80% Pine (Pinus Pinaster and Pinus Radiata), 20% other species mix (Betula alba, Populus L, etc.) with no bark, polluting or chemical substances

    Please note Bag design may vary. 

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